10 Best Catering Companies in Ottawa (With Photos & Prices)

My Catering

They are a group of professional Chefs and Event Planners who throw their creativity and passion into every single menu. These are the top two ingredients in a perfect recipe.

MENUS: Appetizers, ENTRÉES, desserts

EVENT THEY CATER: Weddings, Private & corporate events, parliamentary & diplomatic events

SPECIAL MENUS: Weekly meal kits, pre-cooked proteins


Contact Details

Address: 430 Hazeldean Rd. Unit #6, Kanata, Ontario

Tel.: (343) 690-0712



Distinction Traiteur Catering

They are proud to be a member of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce and the Ottawa Board of Trade.

MENUS: Breakfast, À La Carte, Create Your Lunch Box, Gourmet Lunch, Cold Buffets, Hot Buffets, Canapés And Hors D’œuvres, Plated Lunch, Plated Dinner

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, christmas parties, corporate & private events

Contact Details

ADDRESS: 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0M8

TEL: 1-343-551-1293



Tulips and Maple


MENUS: Soups, Salads, entrées, hot & cold canapés


EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Wedding, Gourmet to GO, Home Entertaining


  • Canada Aviation And Space Museum
  • Canadian Agriculture And Food Museum
  • The Canada Science And Technology Museum
  • Le Ferme Moore
  • Canadian Museum Of Nature

REVIEW: Winner Of The 2012 International Achievement In Catering Excellence Award

Contact Details

ADDRESS: Nepean Sportsplex, Entrance #4,1701 Woodroffe Ave., Nepean, ON K2G 1W2

TEL: 613.723.7103





Essence Catering is a full-service caterer bringing our love of style and food to your receptions. We are able to care for all your event needs, including staffing, rentals, florals, and entertainment needs.

MEUS: Canapés, grilling kit, small plates, desserts



REVIEW: Multi-award winning in both cuisine and pastry

Contact Details

Address: 430 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1H1

Tel.: 613.850.4776




Lola’s Kitchen

As a kid who grew up in the Philippines, inspired by his grandmother LOLA , he decided to use his passion in cooking. Here’s the ultimate filipino dining experience kitchen

MEUS: Bbq, rice, chicken, beef, shrimp


SPECIAL MENUS: Vegan, vegetarian



Contact Details

Address: 250 City Centre ,unit 232, ottawa

Tel.: (613)-276-7708



Les Traiteurs Bytown


MENUS: Breakfast, Brunch and Breaks, Trays & Platters, Cold Buffets, Hot Lunches, seasonal, bar services

SPECIAL MENUS: Gluten-Free and Vegan Items


EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Galas, Formal Events, Holiday Brunch, Corporate & Private Events

AREAS THEY SERVE: Ottawa and Gatineau Regions


  • Lansdowne Park
  • Canadian Museum of Nature
  • Victoria Memorial Museum
  • Canada Aviation and Space Museum
  • Canada Science and Technology Museum


Review: 19 consecutive Consumer’s Choice awards from 2001 to 2019, Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating, and in 2010 were recognized with the prestigious BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Trust.

Contact Details

ADDRESS: 20-5480 Canotek Rd, Ottawa, ON K1J 9H7

TEL: 613-745-6389




Their competitive prices include the food, tableware, linen, china, delivery, set-up, uniformed service staff, and clean-up.

MENUS: Salads, Cold Lunch, Dessert, special menu, showpieces

Speciality cuisine: Italian, french, mediterranean, tex-mex, asian


EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding, Reception, Corporate, Special & private  Events, gala dinners and private functions

Maximum number of people they can cater : They offer an elegant venue that can accommodate up to 150 guests for a sit-down dinner or up to 200 guests for a cocktail-type event.

Contact Details

ADDRESS: 85 O’Connor Street Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5M6

TEL: +1 613-565-1328





Grenfell Catering is a unique full-service catering and event production company that specializes in custom event creations. Grenfell’s team can help you with all aspects of your party

MENUS: Sandwiches, subs, salads, soups, cocktail drinks, rolls, trays & platters

SPECIALITY CUISINE: carribenan, asian

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, special events, corporate events, home entertaining


SERVICES: Event planning, equipment & furniture rentals, entertainment

Contact Details

Address: 19 Grenfell Crescent (Unit 9) Nepean, Ontario, K2G 0G3, Canada

Tel.: 613-723-2215





MENUS: Salads, burgers, finger food, platters, desserts

EVENTS THEY CATER: Private, Corporate, Cocktail, Wedding, Brand Launch & Dinner


Contact Details

ADDRESS: 1319 Wellington St. W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0N9

TEL: 613-697-9449




insider Tips for Picking the Right Cook

With respect to the things that can address the choosing second an event, few are just probably as huge as the quality, flavor and presence of the food and rewards you serve. (Basically ask your guests and they will probably not remember as much about the expressive subject or redirection, yet they will review whether their dinner was astounding.) A ton is riding on your decision of which cook to select, and if you think this decision genuinely isn’t so huge, look at it thusly … amazing catering can shield an event that is on the rocks, yet horrendous catering will regularly send guests to the entrances (or, in your terrible circumstance, to the washrooms). Besides, considering the way that catering is habitually the #1 or #2 detail cost for most events, the cook you pick is similarly a gigantic budgetary decision and can affect how much money you have left over to spend on various locales depending upon food costs and sums. Incorporate the way that cooks can change definitely in their assessing and such meals and organizations they offer, and the way toward picking a food supplier can figuratively and from a genuine perspective feel like you are standing out one kind from a very surprising sort (statement with a double meaning totally anticipated). So we speaked with twelve veteran cooks and event directors about the principles they propose in picking a food supplier. Likewise, considering their proposition…

Here are the 10 top models event you should contemplate while utilizing a cook.

#1 – Responsiveness and Individual Interest in Your Prerequisites

Of all the event and catering specialists we conversed with, this came up over and over and over again, principally considering the way that how responsive and charmed a caterer is during your hidden conversations is normal for how they will perform during the length of their concurrence with you (and more on arrangements later). “Various caterers will pronounce to have the best-tasting food made with the freshest trimmings at the most forceful expense, anyway it is an extraordinary quality for one to race to return calls and messages and open to studies and momentous contemplations,” says Cheryl Lynn Develop Gerton, an event modeler and owner of A Major Event in Denver. “While these may seem like genuinely insignificant factors when differentiated and in everyday taste and cost, they truly infer that the food supplier is really stressed over tending to the customers’ prerequisites and ensuring that they are happy with both the thing and the help.” An impending cook should adapt whatever amount of they can about you in your underlying relatively few conversations with them, so you should expect that they should talk and presenting requests about 20% of the time and you offering responses and spreading out your necessities about 80% of the time. “If the cook isn’t presenting requests about the event they should seriously mull over you to be only ‘the accompanying client’,” says Lyndsey Bunn, Catering and Meeting Organizations Director at Silver Legacy Resort Club . “They should be enthusiastic about getting some answers concerning your event. They should get some data about your subject, the explanation, spending plan and goals.”

#2 – Ability to Manage Your Specific Sort of Event

Just one out of each odd caterer is amazing or every sort of event, and various food suppliers themselves straightforwardly surrender this. “We as a whole do a wide extent of events, yet we are attempted to help different business areas more effectively than others so present enough requests to choose whether a caterer has the right kind of association for you,” says Arthur Bassani, owner of In Thyme Gave food Events in Secaucus, NJ . “Each food supplier has districts they have some aptitude in so even a caterer with a unimaginable standing may not be the best fit for you. For example, some are more ‘store’ and have pragmatic involvement with more unobtrusive close sort parties. Others address extensive expert in serving tremendous corporate and non-advantage [clients], like us.” So while meeting your cooks (and you should chat with somewhere near 3 caterers for any event with a reasonable spending plan), you ought to be unequivocal about the kind of event you are orchestrating and the sort of food and moreover show you are expecting. Else, you may end up picking a cook who basically is genuinely not a strong counterpart for the sort or style of your event. “A couple of caterers overwhelm with barbecues that are inconceivable for association picnics, some with extraordinary Latin-mix for that themed event, and others shimmer with class that work splendidly for that dim tie festivity,” says Greg Jenkins, Accessory at Bravo Manifestations. “You ought to pick the food supplier that works for that specific limit, not because you’ve used them as of now for an association meeting or laborer event party.”

#3 – Flexibility concerning Menu Choices

In every way that really matters, each cook has a standard menu or menus to peruse, and many do give some level of basic versatility to change these menus to your specific necessities by subbing unequivocal things or conceivably modifying others. “Any food supplier who has been in the business and knows what they are doing should several different menu options that are ceaselessly being invigorated and changing to remain mindful of most recent things,” says Rene Wunderlich, Corporate Record Boss at the Inn at New Hyde Park. Regardless, the hero cooks will go past standardized menu decisions and make astounding confirmation that matches considerably more unequivocal subject and dietary necessities. “If a cook isn’t willing to change its menu or challenge its staff to work with and acclaim your custom subject, that is an admonition,” says Christine Courtney-Myers of the C3 Association . “We change menu proposals and go to tastings to settle each dish’s flavors and great the pieces and show to laud or improve our event plan and our client’s subject.” An ideal food supplier should similarly manage (or potentially consider) outstanding requesting. “Ask with regards to whether they will consolidate a family recipe you give,” says Lyndsey Bunn. “On the other hand will they work with things of excellent significance to the style or subject of your event? Then again would they have the option to design veggie sweetheart, vegan, veritable, or youths’, meals for your guests?” These are huge requests to present direct to see how far each caterer you meet is proficient and ready to oblige you.

#4 – Status to Give Tastings

How should you anytime know what a cook can do aside from in the event that you test their items? In addition, all the more expressly, how should you know what the menu things you are thinking about will have a flavor like with the exception of on the off chance that you unequivocally endeavor them? A couple of gathering try not to demand to test the specific things they need for their event since it gives off an impression of being an issue for the food provider, yet it is standard to demand an inspecting of what you are proposing to orchestrate before you leave every vital mark. “Go to something like 3 tastings with free food suppliers and guarantee you can taste what you need,” recommends Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Plan . “Never settle for a cook that will basically give you an ordinary model; you need to know what the food on your menu will have a flavor like. Be prepared to pay for these tastings if crucial.” additionally, you can request wine parings for these tastings on the off chance that they are reasonable for your event (again, be prepared to pay a charge … it’s somewhat cost to pay to promise you pick the right cook). Besides, when you are assessing the food, moreover go to how it is presented, as any cook who saves the push to properly show a model will probably will undoubtedly advance that kind of endeavor on your event day.

Is it precise to say that you are an event executive who needs to regulate catering nuances, monetary plans and assignments? Of course would you say you are a food supplier who needs to follow suggestions, sales, feast conclusions, stock and other customer nuances? Orchestrating Unit has the instruments to help you both arrangement with your events and smooth out your associations … endeavor our event the board and catering programming today FREE for 14 days.

#5 – Involvement in the Setting

You may be in for a bewilderment in case you utilize a grill take-out joint to cook a customary get together corridor fundraiser. Of course in case you pick a first in class corporate event food provider to serve a storehouse wedding. Why? Since these caterers may not be familiar with arranging and serving food in such a setting. This can dole out the retribution more unequivocal tons of the real scene, as by virtue of presentation lobbies and valid districts. “You should be sure you pick a food supplier who has worked at that scene beforehand and knows all of the rules that are customary of areas like this,” says Teresa Davenport, Accomplice Regulator of Headway and Trades at Morven Park, a chronicled site in Northern Virginia. “For example, no red wine or live blooms are allowed inside our paramount house show corridor.” Significantly more ordinary scenes can similarly have restrictions that cooks ought to stick to – like certain plan rules or expulsion impediments for waste food and water – so having a caterer that thinks about a setting’s guidelines can save you stores of issue once in a while day.