10 Best Catering Companies in Victoria (With Photos & Prices)

Connoisseur Catering

MENUS: Buffet, Breakfast, Desserts, Drinks, Fajita Stations, Pasta Stations

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Special Events, Corporate



Contact Details

ADDRESS: 229 Gorge Rd E, Victoria, BC V9A 1L1, Canada

TEL: +1 250-889-8451


Food For Thought

MENUS: Breakfast & Brunch Catering, Buffet Catering, Kosher Options

SPECIAL MENUS: Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Special Events and Parties, Weddings



Sea Cider


Huntington Manor Pendray House

The Royal

Pier B @ the Breakwater District

Mary Winspear

Gardens at HCP

Goward House

Craidelonna Oceanlodge

Cheif & Petty Officers Mess

Fort Commons

White Eagle Hall

Contact Details

ADDRESS: 5 – 1002 Goldstream Av Victoria, BC V9B 2Y5

TEL: 250-478-2721


Open Water Catering

MENUS: Canapes, Buffet, Salads & Platter, Starches, Desserts

SPECIAL MENUS: Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Special Events, Film Industry

AREAS THEY SERVE: Vancouver Island

Contact Details

ADDRESS: Victoria, BC V9Z 1G8

TEL: 778 528-2600



Little Piggy Catering

Voted Top Caterer in Victoria in 2018

Promoting Sustainable Choices since 2006

MENUS: BBQ, Family-Style Dinner,  Hors d’oeuvre, Tacos, Mexican and Latin, Desserts and Beverages

SPECIAL MENUS: Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Frozen Food

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Special Events, Weddings


Contact Details

ADDRESS: 776 Fairview Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 5V1, Canada

TEL: 250-483-3779



Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry

Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry has been providing Gourmet Take Out, Catering Services, Picnic Baskets, and Cooking Classes and has become well known for the high quality of food and services that they provide.

MENUS: Breakfast & Brunch Catering, Buffet Catering, BBQ

SPECIAL MENUS: Picnic Baskets

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Cocktails


Contact Details

ADDRESS: 2009 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria BC, V8R 5G4, Canada

TEL: 250.595.3212



Toque Catering

Winner of Canadian Wedding Award 2020

MENUS: Canapes, Brunch, BBQ, Buffet, Salads, Food Stations, Cocktail

SPECIAL MENUS: Gourmet Lunch Boxes

EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding, Corporate, Gala Events

AREAS THEY SERVE: Vancouver Island, Salt Spring & the


Deep Cove,

Bird’s Eye Cove Farm,

Cedar Haven

Oak & Vine Estate

Affinity Guesthouse

The Leonardo da Vinci Centre

Kildara Farms

Starling Lane


Heartwood & Co.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Swan’s Penthouse


Contact Details

ADDRESS: 1-845 Viewfield Road, Victoria, British Columbia, V9A4V2 Canada

TEL: 778-432-2460



The Good For You Gourmet

MENUS: Italian Herb Oven-roasted Chicken Thighs, Butter Chicken Thighs, Turkey Chili with Kidney Beans, Herb & Almond crusted Halibut with light herb & lemon sauce


EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Wedding, General


Contact Details

ADDRESS: #206 – 125 Wilson Street, Victoria, B.C., V9A 6X1

TEL: 250-514-1544



Casa Nova Catering

MENUS: Soups, Fish, appetizers, Desserts, Seafood

EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding Receptions, Banquets, Staff Parties, At Home Dinner Parties


AREAS THEY SERVE: Greater Victoria and Greater Vancouver regions of British Columbia

Contact Details

ADDRESS: 492 Esquimalt Road, Victoria, BC V9A 3L1

TEL: (250)884-5747



Island Gourmet Catering

MENUS: Continental Breakfast, Wraps, Sandwiches, Salads, Dinner, Buffet, BBQ

EVENTS THEY CATER: Indoor Events & Meeting Rooms, Gourmet Catering

AREAS THEY SERVE: Downtown And Victoria


VENUES PARTNERS: Ambrosia Centre

Contact Details

ADDRESS: 638 Fisgard St. Victoria B.C. V8W 1R6

TEL: 250-475-1948



The Wandering Mollusk

The Wandering Mollusk Oyster Catering Co. provides an interactive and unique catering experience that can be tailored to any event that fits your taste, budget, and style!

MENUS: Platters, Oysters, Shallots

EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding, Corporate Events and Cocktail



Contact Details

ADDRESS: 1-845 Viewfield Road, Victoria

TEL: 250-634-3233




Catering and event masterminding go inseparable, so what about we perceive how to pick a cook for an event.

This article will cover…

Starting idea before looking at catering

Bit by bit directions to find a cook and how to pick the right one

The qualities of a fair caterer

Bit by bit guidelines to select a caterer and what to discuss before the event

Ready to taste a couple of models? Bon appetit.

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What sort of catering is ideal for your event?

Before you hop into your assessment, consider the kind of event you’re putting on. It will go far to help you with choosing the kind of catering association you should be looking for.

Requests to posture to yourself:

How formal is your event?

What kind of setting is it worked with in?

What are the visitor plans?

What number of guests will participate?

What kind of food would they say they are expecting?

Do they have any dietary essentials?

Guidelines to pick a food provider for an event: Consider buffets a decision.

Consider buffets a decision.

The three essential kinds of catering organization you’ll go over are:

Social event organization: the most moderate decision, which consistently consolidates refreshments and finger food sources that the guests eat while standing and speaking with each other.

Buffet organization: the second-most economical decision, where guests serve themselves and can pick between a huge arrangement of food and refreshments.

Deferred organization: the most expensive other option, where guests are arranged at tables and paid special mind to by people from the catering staff.

Tip: Read more about the potential gains and disadvantages of each catering style to get some answers concerning what’s ideal for your event.

The best strategy to find a cook

There’s a wide grouping of associations catering events. We should go through some basic thoughts for catering and event aiming to help you restricted down your request.

1. Size

The catering association ought to have the alternative to oblige the amount of guests that will be at your event. The size of the catering association should facilitate with the size of your event.

2. Region

It’s moreover a shrewd idea to ponder the space of your event. A close by cook might be familiar with the setting and will be less disposed to experience delays on account of a long journey.

3. Spending plan

How much money you have saved in your event spending plan for catering will in like manner help limited with cutting down your chase. Endeavor to find a cook with a good mix of huge worth and cost.

4. Setting limitations

Various scenes have a once-over of cooks they like to work with. Picking a caterer from their summary can lessen the risk of misguided judgments, anyway you might even get a markdown.

Tip: Use a catering list to get refers to from different cooks with a singular pursuit.

Bit by bit directions to pick a food supplier

You’ve done some fundamental assessment. As of now it’s an optimal chance to pick a food supplier for your event. What about we go through a part of the qualities of a fair food supplier so you make the right choice.

1. Correspondence

A nice food provider will be not hard to reach and will respond to your calls and messages rapidly. In case you’re experiencing issues with correspondence up front, it’s furthermore responsible to be an issue down the line.

Tip: Set off to get some answers concerning a part of the vernacular used in the catering industry to avoid any mixed up suspicions.

2. Affiliation

Despite their social capacities, you should similarly note if the caterer is composed. Did you get the suggestion in a helpful manner? If not, it might be an awful sign of what may be not too far off.

3. Experience and specialization

All things considered like most event coordinators work in a particular sort of event, various cooks will do similarly. Guarantee that your cook has experience working with your kind of event.

Find a cook with the right understanding for your kind of event.

Find a food provider with the right knowledge for your kind of event.

4. Customer help

Your necessities and suppositions as a customer should be at the most elevated place of the food supplier’s once-over of requirements. Make a note of whether a zeroed in on your specific necessities.

5. Versatility

You should check how versatile the cook is concerning the menu and serving of the food. Check whether they can oblige any dietary requirements like food hypersensitivities and without gluten dinners.

Tip: See this summary of different dietary necessities close by quick and dirty portrayals.

6. Customer overviews

Online overviews and individual ideas are amazingly prompting concerning a caterer’s ability to finish the work. Do your due innovation and assessment the cook before selecting.

Tip: Use a site like Trustpilot to investigate a catering association and read their reviews.

Bit by bit directions to enroll a cook

Now, you should have a short summary of opportunities for your event’s catering. There are a couple more ways to deal with qualify the right food supplier and a couple of things to recall while utilizing them.

1. Past event photos

A picture says an extraordinary arrangement in regards to what you can expect from the food… with the exception of in case you’re at a Mcdonald’s. Expecting you won’t serve Colossal Macs, guarantee you see pictures from past events.

2. Insistences

Before you utilize a cook, guarantee you check their confirmations. They should concur with UK food standards and any essentials set out by your event security system.

3. Trimmings

You may have to check where the food supplier gets their menu trimmings from. Is it genuine that they are neighborhood? Is it genuine that they are regular? Is it genuine that they were sourced proficiently?

4. Availability

Address your cook about how and where the food will be prepared. Some food is more affordable to cook off-site, anyway various dishes should be prepared at the scene.

Consider where the food will be prepared.

Consider where the food will be prepared.

5. Tastings

You’ve seen the photographs, anyway shouldn’t something be said about the certifiable taste? A respectable cook will give you a tasting, so you’re prepared to survey if the food fulfills your expectations before you enlist them.

Tip: Read about what you can expect from a cook tasting so you’re prepared.

6. Furniture and silverware

Not all settings will outfit you with furniture and flatware for your event. Regardless, some catering associations can join these in the expense, so check in the event that that is another option.

Tip: if neither the setting nor the cook can give flatware, contact an alternate supplier.

7. Available staff

Check whether the catering association has the legitimate number of staff available for your event. You’ll regularly require one specialist for every two tables. (Less, on the off chance that you’re working with a buffet.)

Bit by bit guidelines to pick a cook for an event: Guarantee you have the ideal proportion of staff close by.

Guarantee you have the ideal proportion of staff close by.

Tip: This article has a table that shows the specialist to-guest extent for most events.

8. Arrangement nuances

Guarantee all nuances are covered when you study the catering contract. Are generally assumptions recorded? Is Tank included? Will their staff expect tips? Have you scrutinized the fine print?

Tip: Read occurrences of catering contracts so you understand what to pay extraordinary psyche to.

9. Withdrawal system

Notwithstanding the way that you’re doubtlessly not relying upon the clearing out of your event, it’s extraordinary to be prepared for the most critical result possible. Look at the food provider’s cleaning procedure, just in case.

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You shouldn’t be a demanding eater, anyway you should be basic with respect to utilizing catering associations. In light of everything, the event isn’t about you. It’s about your guests’ experience.

It’s moreover worth doing investigate up front in the event that you’re expecting putting on events later on. Enrolling catering for this event could be the start of a drawn out business relationship.

You should now have an extraordinarily worked on considered how to pick a caterer for an event you’re orchestrating.

Good luck!